Global Scholars

Global Scholars
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    Broward’s Global Scholars initiative connects participating middle school students (see list below) to other participating schools around the world. Using Internet-based educational activities, project-based learning and other instructional strategies as an elective or within a specific content area, the goal is authentic learning to develop students’ global citizenship while enhancing critical 21st century skills.

    Successful implementation includes subject content mastery, English language communication, and technology proficiency. This blended learning program provides access to an interactive, multimedia online classroom and original curriculum materials, enabling students to learn and communicate about important issues with their international peers. Teachers gain year-round professional development and a connection to a worldwide network of educators.

  • Global Scholars Program

    Global Cities Global Scholars is an online global awareness education initiative sponsored by Global Cities, Inc., a program of Bloomberg Philanthropies. It connects classes of students, ages 10–13, in large urban areas with their international peers using an interactive, multimedia electronic classroom.

    It is currently operating in over 45 cities around the world. There is no cost to participating schools. Global Cities, Inc. provides the curriculum, access to the e-classroom, and professional development. Broward has identified 26 middle schools to participate in the program.

  • Participating Schools

    • Apollo Middle School
    • Attucks Middle School
    • Bair Middle School
    • Crystal Lake Middle School
    • Deerfield Middle School
    • Driftwood Middle School
    • Glades Middle School
    • Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED Magnet School
    • Lyons Creek Middle School
    • Margate Middle School
    • McNicol Middle School
    • Millennium 6-12
    • New Renaissance Middle School
    • New River Middle School
    • Nova Middle School
    • Olsen Middle School
    • Parkway Middle School
    • Pines Middle School
    • Plantation Middle School
    • Ramblewood Middle School
    • Rickards Middle School
    • Silver Lakes Middle School
    • Silver Trail Middle School
    • Westglades Middle School
    • Westpine Middle School
    • William Dandy Middle School

  • Program Benefits

    Global Scholars supports the following key objectives:

    • Broaden students’ local-to-global perspective by learning from peers in other cities
    • Gain subject matter content knowledge on an issue of mutual concern
    • Equip students to navigate a 21st century virtually-connected world
    • Augment digital technology proficiency
    • Promote English language practice and literacy
    • Computers and Internet connection are required to participate in this Internet-based curriculum and access the secure, pass-coded e-classroom. The program activities are conducted in English.
    • There is no fee to take part in Global Scholars.

  • Program Goals

    • Enable direct virtual communication between international classes through online discussion boards and multimedia projects
    • Give students the technology skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century
    • Broaden students’ perspectives on critical global issues so they can think globally and act locally

  • Global Student Learning Outcomes with Indicators

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  • Community Action Projects 2018-2019

    Community Action Projects Culminate Global Scholars School Year

    The end of another school year also means completing another awesome year of Global Scholars. Students are finalizing their Community Action Projects (CAP). They are reflecting on their learning about water-related issues, conservation, pollution, and access. They are working together with their classmates and receiving inspiration from international peers in their Collaborations (students from 8 to 10 cities in digital learning groups) to implement solutions in their community. Guided by their teacher and acquired knowledge, students are defining community as local, national or international.

    Parkway Middle School

    Parkway students created a bioswale in the Sistrunk area on the corner of Martin Luther King and Sistrunk Blvd. Before the project the area was an unkempt, grassy, area, that was filled with trash. Students created drainage by digging gently sloping sides and filled the landscape with plants like Willow, Sawgrass, and Walter’s Viburnum, all natives to South Florida. These plants were specifically selected because they can survive in heavy rains and droughts. The bioswale is designed to remove debris and pollution from the run-off water. As the water flows through the bioswale, debris and pollutants are captured by the leaves and stems of the plants and enters the soil where they decompose and create healthy soil. Students hope the residents will also appreciate their beautified area and strive to keep it that way by disposing their trash in appropriate receptacles.

    2019 05 gs photo group 1.png

    Crystal Lake

    Crystal Lake students wanted to gain a true appreciation of what it means to have safe, accessible water. They facilitated a walk for water on their campus. To invite participation from their school mates, they advertised the walk on the morning announcements, while also creating and hanging posters. Carrying one-gallon bottles of water around the school’s track, they raised $498.68 which was donated to H2O for Life Schools organization.

    Students chose to support a school in San Jose, Nicaragua. Their donation will be used to build new latrines and hand-washing stations. Nicaragua is considered the second poorest in the Western hemisphere where 37% of rural people don’t have safe drinking water. Contributing to their wider global community through these water programs is critical to improving their lives.

    Crystal Lake GS

    Lyons Creek Middle

    Lyons Creek students participated in their community’s event to educate and inform residents of Coconut Creek about the value of composting. All those who visited their information booth left with knowledge of how to create compost from items typically discarded in the trash such as fruit and vegetable food scraps, leaves, grass clippings, bread, grains, coffee grounds, cut and dried flowers, nut shells, shredded newspaper, cardboard rolls, tea bags, filters, washed egg shells. They also shared items that shouldn’t be included such as meat, dairy, fat, bones, pet waste, seafood, plastics and glass.

    How does this connect to their study of water? Their presentation explained the value of adding compost to reducing evaporation of the soil’s moisture. Healthy ‘home-prepared’ compost helps the soil better retain water for plant and vegetable gardens especially during the dry months in South Florida.

    2019 05 gs photo group 2.png

    Attucks Middle

    Attucks students along with their parents, teachers, siblings and community supporters met in TY Park, Hollywood, for the international Global 6K for Water joining the more than a thousand walkers/runners worldwide. Why walk 6K, approximately 3.75 miles? It is the average distance some people in developing countries walk to get water. Attucks students wanted to experience that too. Their efforts collected $1,445, making it $445 above their $1,000 goal. This money is being donated to bring clean water to world communities in need.

    2019 05 gs photo group 3.png

    Silver Lakes Middle

    2019 05 gs photo group 4.pngSilver Lakes’ Global Scholars found an opportunity right in their own school yard to make a water-related, community, improvement. It’s an area right in the front of their school that often floods during the rainy season. They created a rain garden to address the flooding while beautifying the entrance to their school.

    Through a $300 grant from the Broward Education Foundation (BEF), they were able to purchase the plants. They designed the garden based on factors determined in their research. This included identifying plants that are native to South Florida and are best suited to withstand the extremes of flooding and drought in a rain garden. Then they studied the best arrangement for the most effective retention. What resulted is a beautiful horse-shoe shaped garden.

    New Renaissance Middle

    2019 05 GS-10.pngNew Renaissance wanted local and immediate action. They focused their community efforts on participating in a Hollywood Beach Sweep. This is a standing community activity that takes place on the second Saturday of each month. The New Renaissance team joined other volunteers at Charnow Park to collect debris like food wrapper litter and cigarette butts. This debris comes from people who deliberately and/or accidentally throw items on the beach. If left unattended, this debris enters the ocean and eventually into the food web system. Students felt accomplished in their efforts  to protect their waterways.

    2019 05 gs photo group 5b.png

    Silver Trail Middle

    At Silver Trail, Global Scholars invited their schoolmates to walk around their school’s track, carrying gallons of water to simulate what students in other countries do daily. To put their learning about access to clean safe water to action, they collected 500 gallons of water which will be donated to a shelter for homeless women.

    They also used the opportunity to educate their school mates about other water-related issues using games they created. There was water bottle bowling, fishing for debris, guess the number of bottle caps and more. Even their choice of music was all about water related themes. Fun and learning, an awesome combination.

    2019 05 gs photo group 6.png

  • Global Scholar Showcases

    Global Scholars Showcase 2019 Global Scholars

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