Out of Eden Learn

Out of Eden Learn
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    Broward’s Out of Eden Learn initiative connects participating fifth-grade students (see list of participating schools below) to other classes worldwide. Students are learning to understand people of different backgrounds ​as they take the time to appreciate their own neighborhoods.  By introducing global learning in the elementary grades, it also prepares them to participate in Global Scholars in middle school. Using educational activities, project-based learning, and other instructional strategies, this authentic learning opportunity helps to develop students’ global citizenship while enhancing critical academic skills.

    Successful implementation includes subject content mastery, English Language communication, and technology proficiency. This blended learning program provides access to interactive, multimedia online classroom and curriculum materials, that students use to learn and communicate with their international peers.

  • Out of Eden Learn Program

    Out of Eden Learn

    Out of Eden Learn, a free online program for students ages 3 -19 years of age, is an initiative of  Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The program provides students with opportunities to communicate with others, appreciate their local neighborhood and the neighborhoods of their international peers as they learn to be global citizens.

    Using a web-based platform, students of similar ages, from diverse geographical and socioeconomic settings, come together for collective 8-12-week long learning experiences, or “learning journeys.” These journeys include classroom activities to build background knowledge and a digital component to communicate internationally, in the password-protected online classroom. 

    Out of Eden Learn began in 2013 as an experimental collaboration with journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek, who is currently engaged in a 21,000-mile ‘Out of Eden’ walk following the ancient pathways of human migration. It is now a promising global learning opportunity.

  • Participating Schools

      • Nova Eisenhower Elementary School

  • Program Benefits

    Out of Eden Learn supports the following key objectives:

    • Introduce students to local-to-global perspective
    • Learn from peers in other cities with different perspectives
    • Gain subject matter content knowledge on issues of mutual interest
    • Equip students to navigate a virtually, connected world
    • Strengthen digital technology proficiency
    • Promote English language practice and literacy
    • Apply research skills to real situations
    • Improve reading, writing and research skills

  • Program Goals

    The program has three learning goals:

    1. slow down to observe the world carefully and listen attentively to others;
    2. exchange stories and perspectives with one another; and
    3. make connections between their own lives and bigger human stories.

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Global Scholars

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