Middle School Cadet Corps Program

  • Middle School Cadet Corps

    The National Middle School Cadet Corps (NMSCC) is a sequence of middle school courses and a supplemental after-school program that prepares young people for secondary and post secondary pathways. Through intensive leadership development, students gain the confidence, teamwork and critical thinking skills necessary for future success. The Program also promotes healthy and balanced lifestyle choices, active goal setting, more effective relationships and meaningful community involvement. 


    • Motivate young people to become better citizens and scholars
    • Educate students in leadership, character, citizenship, and life enhancing skills
    • Provide positive support, and a disciplined learning environment
    • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Develop the academic and social skills of students


    • Program benefits
    • Utilizes the military model to instruct students
    • Offers a comprehensive, technology driven curriculum
    • Provides students opportunity to plan, research, and execute competitive and non-competitive events and programs
    • Develops mental management abilities including goal setting, visualization, and positive self-talk 


    The Middle School Cadet Corps program seeks to serve students during their school years as well as throughout their lives. Visit the Middle School listed below for more information.

Middle School Cadet of the Year

Year School Cadet of the Year
2015 Glades MS Cadet Alex Rodriguez
2015 Indian Ridge Cadet Frederick Bredemeyer
2015 Lauderdale 6-12 Cadet Bellannie Saintilme
2015 Pines MS Cadet Carl Alvarado
2015 Sawgrass MS Cadet Hollie Mckinney
2015 Seminole Cadet Jonathan Campbell
2015 Sunrise Cadet Alphonso Ritchie-Ball
2016 Glades MS Cadet Brett Shtrax
2016 Lauderdale 6-12 Cadet Xyneiha Zapata
2016 New River Cadet Nancy Gregorio
2016 Pines MS Cadet Joann Albert
2016 Ramblewood MS Cadet Sarah Parmalee