• Academic/Leadership Bowl

    JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl (JLAB) is a unique type of competition, where cadets participate on a team with three other cadets to answer questions as a team. Since there are two different competitions, one asking about leadership in JROTC, and the other being about academics (reading, math, science and current events). There are 3 levels of competition to advance to the National Championship. Levels 1 and 2 are contested in the Fall, locally in a controlled environment at your school. Level 3 is contested in the Spring, which is the National Championships hosted in Washington, D.C. Each level becomes increasing difficult.

  • Cadet of the Year

    The selection process for the “Cadet-of the- Year” with the use of mini-boards at one location (Boyd Anderson High School JROTC), is the primary means for identifying the finalist. Four preliminary (mini) boards are conducted at Boyd Anderson High School to identify the top twelve of 30 cadets. Each mini board will be tasked to identify three of the twelve finalists for the district level selection committee. Cadets will be assigned to appear in front of a specific board on a random basis. The Mini Board consist of 4 Boards members, which has a Board Chair and 3 members. The members maybe a school administrator/teacher, law enforcement, public official or JROTC alumni. The cadet interview consists of 3 scored areas. The board will judge the cadets on correctness/completeness of answers, continuity of thought, military bearing, poise, and demeanor. The 12 finalists will go through a very similar process with Board members, who are typically district administrators, public officials and the JROTC Coordinator as the Board Chair. The cadets have 10 minutes to respond to four 1 question from each of the board members. The questions may be from one of the following areas: Citizenship,

    American History, Current Events, and Military Knowledge.

  • Color Guard

    BCPS Color Guard Team are responsible for formally and patriotically presenting the US and Florida State Flags during competitions and special events. Being a member of Color Guard requires impeccable personal appearance and precise movements. Color Guards are provided by the school nearest to the event being hosted in there surrounding community. Contact the nearest school of your event.

  • Drill Competition

    Drill Competition consists of several events, which enables individuals and teams to execute complex marching sequences, which requires precision and coordinated movements. This is a deviation from drill used in the course of ordinary parades. Teams of seven to 14 cadets perform Armed and Unarmed exhibition drills as well as Squad and Platoon level drills in a specified time (8 minutes) to execute a prescribed sequence within a specified area. Drill team members are required to execute precision movements such as Right Face, Left Face, About Face, Column movements, Present Arms, Order Arms, Attention, Parade Rest and Stand at Ease.

  • JCLC STEM Summer Camp

    The BCPS JROTC Cadet Leadership Camp (JCLC) provides a STEM leadership experience on an actual college campus like non other. The JCLC Summer camp has been hosted at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Boca Raton in previous years of this concept and transitioned to Nova Southeastern University, Davie campus in 2020. The concept is to expose student/cadets to a real-world college learning and living environment with the goal of enhancing their learning experience. Cadets have an opportunity to practice leadership skills in an unfamiliar environment while earning college academic credit(s). It also allows cadets a chance to participate in citizenship building exercises; experience living and interacting with peers from other schools, other services in a college/military setting. Instruct leadership-type skills to cadets in a “hands on” military type environment. Provide an opportunity to participate in STEM training not normally available to cadets to include Robotics, Drone, Rockets, Dragsters and organizational leadership and planning skills. We also introduce the traditional outdoor, adventure training to first time JCLC cadet participants. Students/cadets will also receive a Lean Six Sigma “White Belt” certification. The 3 areas of the 5-day camp are:

    • JCLC STEM Camp, (NSU, Davie main campus)
    • H20 to GO (FAU, Jupiter campus)
    • Adventure Camp (Camp Flaming Arrow)

  • Pass -IN- Review

    The Cadet of the Year from each school is recognized at the Pass -IN- Review ceremony hosted at Pompano Beach H.S.  Each of the 30 cadets are presented their individual award by the School Board Superintendent Robert Runcie and School Board Chair, Donna P. Korn.  Every school is represented at this event and the Superintendent inspects the JROTC and awards the Singular Cadet of the Year with a trophy and scholarship award.

  • Raiders

    Master the art of teamwork and compete in a variety of events during each Raider competition.  From the 5k Run, Fitness Tests, Kettle Bells to Litter Carry obstacle course and Rope Bridge Crossing. Raiders is one of the JROTC special teams that grants cadets stress relief, physical training, and a guaranteed promise to come out more physically fit than when you began.  Cadets compete as a “Team”, no one individual is more important than the other.  In Raiders you are as strong as your weakest link. This team-building exercise is an essential part of character development and a true assessment of humility, pride, stamina and self-confidence.

  • Robotics

    JROTC Instructors throughout the county received training in the Fall of 2019 in VEX (V5) Robotics. The training was a result of a decision made by the Director of Army Instruction to incorporate Robotics into extracurricular activities.  The decision was not only supported by the School Board Superintendent, due to an increased emphasis on STEM, but it was also perfect timing as the U.S. Army Cadet Command had re-energized an initiative from 2015 to support STEM programs in high schools across the country.  Over $100,000 was allocated to BCPS JROTC for the purchase of 20 complete Robotics Kits to be distributed in JROTC programs, that participate in the activity. Recognizing the JROTC programs will provide hours of fun and learning, each JROTC instructor was providing an opportunity to participate in robotics training.  This afforded school administrators an opportunity to enhance their STEM programs with this asset.

    The County JROTC, in partnership with the Applied Learning Department (Robotics, Sea Perch and Drones), of BCPS now have 20 robotics kits with arenas to increase participation in STEM activities and competition.  The Applied Learning Department provided training for our JROTC instructors and will continue to support the growth and development of the Robotics STEM program by hosting competitions, training and certifications for student/cadets.

    A significant increase in student interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) has been on an upward trend.  By engaging students in hands-on sustainable and curriculum-based robotics engineering programs across BCPS is the future.  The building of robots and participating in robotics competitions, student/cadets are exposed to engineering, computer coding and mechanics.

    The partnership with Applied Learning was to introduce STEM into our JROTC programs, but it was also to strengthen relationships between the JROTC programs and school’s Robotic clubs.  Most student/cadets are already actively involved in the school’s robotics club and this offered the opportunity to make these programs accessible to more students as well as increase student/cadet involvement.  By showcasing a STEM skill in robotics students are assisting in the transition to integrate and update our JROTC curriculum, and the way that we educate our Cadets.

  • Superintendent's Own Guard

    The intent of the Superintendent’s “Own Guard” program is to recognize outstanding cadets for the first three-quarters of the school year.  Each Broward County JROTC and NMSCC unit is expected to nominate one cadet at the conclusion of each of the first three academic quarters in accordance with established eligibility criteria.  Selected cadets will receive a certificate and a medal from the Superintendent acknowledging their appointment.  A unit may also nominate a cadet for the 4th quarter on a voluntary basis (a cadet expected to return to JROTC next school year). This cadet is now eligible to be nominated as the Cadet of the Year, which is recognized at the Annual Cadet of the Year, Pass -IN- Review ceremony, hosted at Pompano Beach H.S. in April each year.

  • Cadet Program

    BCPS has the largest JROTC cadet program in the nation with a program in every traditional high school. There are more than 6,500 students within BCPS participating in JROTC.

  • Scholarships

    BCPS Graduating class of 2020 earned ~$65M in scholarships and educational benefits. Graduation Rate of 99.5% and an attendance to college rate of 62% for cadets that have remained with the program for 4 years.  Six graduates received appointments to attend Service Academies with twenty-seven entering the Senior ROTC college program.

  • Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy (ELMA)

    Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy (ELMA) at Hollywood Hills graduating class of 2020:

    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • College Bound: 88%
    • Scholarship Value: $3.6M
    • Armed Forces:12%
    • Bright Futures Scholars: 21%
    • Community Service Hours: Average 113 per cadet.
    • Average Weighted GPA: 3.93
    • Average Core GPA: 3.23
    • Highest Weighted GPA: 5.2 (Aracelly Valdes)
    • Highest SAT/ ACT: 1320/ 27 - Aya Tracey

  • JROTC STEM Summer Camp

    BCPS sets that standard for Cadet Command by hosting the only JROTC STEM Summer Camp (NSU) in the world where eligible cadets receive college credits. NOTE: Summer Camp 2020 cancelled due to COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training

    BCPS JROTC programs recognized nationally for District provided Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training (remote). BCPS student/cadet placed first, out of 314,000 cadets, in the US Army Cadet Command Essay Contest. (Cadet Derek Pena, Monarch HS).