College/Educational Opportunities

  • March2Success

    March2Success can help improve your STEM scores.  Begin in High School Prep with the Study Skills class and then choose Science, English, or Math.  If your pre-test score is high, continue to the next module.  Complete the modules through Standardized Testing and SAT and ACT Preparation.  Consider asking your JROTC instructor, teacher, friends, to support you while you pursue academic excellence!

    Social Science: A total of 1002 practice questions covering Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Financial Accounting and Personal Finance.

    Nursing: Practice materials for all standards nursing entrance exams – PAX-RN, PSB-Registered Nursing School Aptitude Examination (RN), Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), and PSB-Health Occupations Aptitude Examination.

    Technology: A total of 1200 practice questions covering Information Systems and Computer Applications, Introduction to Computing, Management Information Systems and Technical Writing.

    Pre-Engineering: A total of 725 practice questions covering Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Physics.

    Math: Includes 1194 practice questions covering Algebra, College-Level Algebra, Data Analysis and Probability, Geometry, Numbers and Operations, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics and Business Math.  The Math unit also includes learning modules with interactive exercises.

Career Exploration Program


    ASVAB Career Exploration Program. Please make full use of the resources located at to provide your cadets with the latest career information. As much as possible, work with your school staff to ensure ALL students are aware of this exceptional tool to help them identify and pursue any and all of their aspirations. Also, as possible, use the March2Success web-based standardized course preparation program and the curriculum lessons (Foundations for Success), programs ("The Complete Guide to College Financing and Admissions"), and activities (Academic Bowl) that are designed to improve standardized test performance and explore careers.

The Association For Career and Technical Education

  • ACTE

    The Association for Career and Technical Education Online is the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for careers. This area offers information about the history, mission and structure of ACTE, as well as details on our annual awards program and information about how you can participate in the annual observance of Career and Technical Education Week.

RTG & Associates Educational Services

  • RTG & Associates

    RTG & Associates, Educational Services offers obligation free academic counseling to adult learners regarding college degrees/credits. For information about these programs, visit the RTG & Associates website. This website will answer many of your questions about completing your college degree and acquiring transcript continuing education credits at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. RTG & Associates specializes in developing college course transcript credit recognition for JROTC distance learning requirements and resident seminar training. These transcript credits tie into earning your degree as an educator, allowing you to complete a degree and your required JROTC Distance Learning/instructor resident seminars at the same time. Teacher certification opportunities/information are also available. Special financial questions and answers, regarding MGIB, 911 GI Bill, VA VOC Rehab, and Troops to Teachers stipends/benefits, can also be located. Please visit RTG & Associates or call 501-859-6113.

    For all Army JROTC instructors without a two-year degree, RTG & Associates offers a low-cost, completely online, accredited AGS degree in Education Management. This degree is available for instructors who have completed the five JROTC advanced distance learning courses (EDU 105-109). For more information visit the RTG & Associates Educational Services

    Additionally, RTG & Associates has renewed their relationship with The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, for college credit recognition of the American Legion Boys State and American Legion Auxiliary Girls State programs in all 49 states participating. 

    A simultaneous course is also available for nationally recognized Youth Leadership Programs (such as JROTC, YLP, and many others empowering youth leadership development) in all 50 States and American Territories.

Scholarship Opportunities

  • MOAA

    MOAA is the nation's largest and most influential association of military officers. It is an independent, nonprofit, politically nonpartisan organization.

    With more than 350,000 members from every branch of service - including active duty, National Guard, Reserve, retired, former officers, and their families - we are a powerful force speaking for a strong national defense and representing the interests of military officers at every stage of their careers.

    MOAA's highest priority is providing first-class service to our members. We are the leading voice on compensation and benefit matters for all members of the military community. We provide expert advice and guidance to our members.

    CLICK HERE for the MOAA Scholarship Fund Educational Assistance Program

GRFD Scholarship Minuteman Campaign

  • GRFD Scholarship

    If you are interested in receiving an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship and commissioning into the Army Reserve, the GRFD Scholarship Minuteman Campaign provides you an excellent opportunity.

    The GRFD Scholarship Minuteman Campaign covers 4 years of full tuition and fees or $10,000 for room and board at colleges and universities served by an Army ROTC program. 

    Scholarship recipients also receive a monthly stipend of $420, and a yearly book allowance of $1,200. In addition, GRFD Scholarship Minuteman Campaign recipients participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program, which gives them experience with an Army Reserve unit while earning additional money for their service.

    CLICK HERE to find out how to apply.

Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (SROTC) Scholarship Program

  • Primarily, the Army Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (SROTC) program is a college scholarship program (although it is certainly possible to participate in the program without receiving a scholarship), leading to a commission in the United States Army. The overall mission of the Army SROTC Program is to produce commissioned officers in the quality, quantity, and academic disciplines necessary to meet Active Army and Reserve Component requirements.