• Use Supplemental Arts and Sciences Program Funding at Old Dillard Museum!

    The distinctive Gallery at Old Dillard Museum acquaints children, young adults, and adults with fascinating local artifacts that honor our dynamic and diverse heritage.  One of the rooms designated as the "Jazz Room" houses an extensive educational exhibition, entitled "Jazz: Language of the Soul." This celebration of America's original art form pays special tribute to Fort Lauderdale music legend Julian "Cannonball" Adderly, who taught at Dillard High School.  This space has become a popular gathering place for intimate live performances in its "night club" ambience.  Another room we must highlight is the "SportZone Room."  This room highlights the professional players of various sports from Dillard High School. There are numerous pieces of local history housed inside the Old Dillard Museum.
    We look forward to meeting each school that is ready to be enriched with our local heritage. We have the capacity for schools to eat lunch onsite if time permits. We would like to welcome everyone to come out and enjoy this rich history right here in the center of Fort Lauderdale.  
    Please contact Mr. Roderick Parker at the Old Dillard Museum with any questions at 754 322 8828 or roderick.parker@browardschools.com.


    Old Dillard Museum

    Roderick Parker


    Email:  roderick.parker@browardschools.com

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