• Use Supplemental Arts and Sciences Program Funding for GABIE Bus!

    For 10 years, South Florida students have LOVED when the Gabie Bus rolls into their school! We will bring the STEM party to you!!!

    The Gabie Science Bus is THE MOST fun field trip your students will have! We come to schools for a super fun, hands-on, in-house STEM field trip. Students learn all about Florida agriculture & science (students plant fruits, vegetables and flowers that they bring home to grow), environmental biology, recycling, importance of the honey bee, the solar system, human biology, health, anatomy, and more! Our curriculum aligns with Florida state standards as students experience a variety of mobile, digital, interactive and personalized learning stations that principals, teachers and students all LOVE!

    Students explore multiple stations in a hands-on, action-packed environment, creating a class-sharing experience like no other that is mobile, digital and sensory based.

    Gabie was designed for PreK – 8th grade with each station experience lasting approximately 20 minutes each, or 60 minutes in total. The Gabie Bus comes to your school, sets up everything and Gabie instructors start the adventure. Teachers just watch and enjoy! In addition, Gabie comes with options for lesson ideas for teachers to extend student learning once back in class. These lessons fulfill each letter in STREAM- Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math

    MISSION STATEMENT: That every student has fun while learning! To ensure that we reinforce the standards teachers are already covering in class, and that your students learn a great deal from our in-house, hands-on STEM Field Trip. Our goal is that your students have the MOST FUN they’ve ever had on any field trip!


    Ron Totarsky


    Email: gabiefl1@aol.com

    Website:  www.gabiebus.com

    The Gabie Bus was on Channel 10 news and it was a really great segment! 
    Here is the clip

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