Stranahan House

  • Use Supplemental Arts and Sciences Program Funding at Stranahan House!

    The Historic Stranahan House Museum is the oldest and most historically significant home in Broward County. Stranahan House provides interactive and hands-on educational programs that fulfill the curriculum requirements for Broward County school children. With a focus on the 4th grade history requirement, Stranahan House programs can be tailored to meet the needs of students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

    The mission of the Historic Stranahan House Museum is to tell the story of the birth of our community through the lives of two extraordinary people and the homestead they created and to serve as an enduring legacy for historic preservation. The goals of the Historic Stranahan House Museum Virtual Education Program are as follows:

    ✓ Support educators in fulfilling curriculum requirements for students of all grade levels
    ✓ Introduce students to historical figures and focusing on themes which include civics, social studies, environmental concerns, Native American cultures, among others
    ✓ Adapt to new teaching techniques including virtual learning and online field trips

    Teachers and students can connect with the Historic Stranahan House Museum in a variety of ways including online and in-person. Contact us today to coordinate the best opportunity to meet your students needs.

    In-person Field Trips include activities presented in a round-robin fashion which each class spending a minimum of 20 minutes at each of the following stations. Tours could be modified based on curriculum needs and time limitations: Historic Pioneer House Tour, Butter Making and Ringing the Historic Ferry Bell, History Hunt, Pollution on the New River, and Trading Post. All in-person programs will follow COVID-19 safety precautions, social distancing, and size restrictions.


    Stranahan House

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