• Middle School Athletics

  • Core Purpose of the MSAA

    “The MSAA will serve the student-athletes by providing leadership and support for a diverse interscholastic sports program that enriches their educational experience.”

    “The MSAA will provide opportunities to the student-athlete to compete in a safe, equitable, and sportsmanlike environment.”

  • Core Values of the MSAA

    “The MSAA believes that participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege that enhances the educational experience of all students.”

    “The MSAA believes that participation in interscholastic athletics will teach valuable life lessons in honesty, integrity, respect, cooperation and personal responsibility.”

    “The MSAA believes in the supporting role that interscholastic athletics plays in strengthening students’ pride for their school.”

    “The MSAA believes that the promotion and practice of citizenship, sportsmanship, and scholarship are essential and that all persons involved are expected to be positive role models.”

    “The MSAA believes that each member school must take responsibility for the knowledge and enforcement of all rules and regulations.”

    “The MSAA believes that each member school is equal and equally important to the Association’s continued existence.”

    “The MSAA recognizes that assuring student-athletes safe and competitive experiences, coupled with their academic experiences, will prepare them for the responsibilities and challenges of high school life.”

    “The MSAA recognizes that all individuals associated with interscholastic athletics should be held to the highest standards of behavior.”

    “The MSAA office will operate in an open, accountable, effective and efficient manner.”

  • Sports Offering

    The season consists of regular season contests, prelims, semi-finals, and championship (8 Divisions each for sport).

    • Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Golf
    • Soccer

    • Volleyball

    • Flag Football
    • Track and Field
    • Floorball

Middle School Sports Seasons

Fall Season
Soccer August 23 - October 18
Cross Country August 13 - October 14
Golf August 13 - October 25
Winter Season
Basketball October 24 - December 10
Volleyball November 29 - January 31
Spring Season
Flag Football January 18 - March 9
Floorball March 7 - April 22
Track & Field March 28 - May 13