• Sportsmanship Philosophy

    • Sportsmanship is a demonstration of generosity and genuine concern for others.
    • Sportsmanship is a concrete measure of the understanding and commitment to fair play.
    • Sportsmanship is a lending of cheers for “your team” and applause for the “opponents”, observing the letter and the spirit of the rules, and showing consideration for others.
    • Sportsmanship is the “golden rule” of athletics – treating others as you wish to be treated.
    • Sportsmanship is respect – respect for others and one’s self.
    • Sportsmanship encompasses all that is good in human nature.
    • Sportsmanship is citizenship in action.

    The Middle School Athletic Association believes:

    • Athletic participation is a privilege, not a right.
    • School activities are a vital part of education.
    • Disrespectful behavior, especially taunting, trash talking and intimidation will not be tolerated.

    Student leaders will support the development of sportsmanship programs at our schools.

    • Student athletes will respect the game and learn the rules.
    • The school will discipline students for unsportsmanlike behavior.
    • The school will treat opponents as if they were guests at home events.
    • Student athletes are taught to win or lose graciously.
    • Student athletes will take seriously their role as ambassadors for our school.
    • Student athletes know that their behavior on the field should give other people a positive impression of our school.
    • Our students will be fans, but not FANATICS and cheer good plays by either team.

    MSAA Commissioner’s Message:

    • Sportsmanship contributes to the development of a student’s lifetime value system.
    • The true goal of educational athletics is to educate and is not about wins and losses – educational athletics is about learning.
    • Practicing integrity, fairness and respect sets school sports apart from other student activities.

    School Athletic Director’s Message:

    • If athletes are coached with encouragement, they learn confidence.
    • If athletes are coached with praise, they learn to have faith.
    • If athletes are coached with fairness, they learn justice.

    Coach’s Message:

    • Champions get up one more time that they have been knocked down.
    • Champions know the final score does not necessarily measure winning.
    • Champions take a stand for what is right, even when they stand alone.
    • Champions see every challenge as an opportunity.
    • Champions willingly accept responsibility and graciously deflect honor.
    • Champions may fail…but they never quit.

    Player’s Message:

    • Players will provide reflective comments about their experiences during the past season.
    • Players will be asked to comment about the importance of Sportsmanship.