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Rider Registration

    • All eligible students needing bus transportation for the upcoming school year must register for bus assignment. Use the webpage below to register and guarantee bus assignment for the first day of school.


    • Eligible students registered by June 15th will be guaranteed a bus for the first day of school

Register 2 Ride Timeline

  • Register by
    June 15, 2022
    guaranteed a bus seat
    First day of school

    - Register by July 15, 2022, may not get a bus until the second week of school

    - After July 16, 2022, bus assignment timelines will vary. You must register to ride. Instructions for registration will be available using the webpage

     - After registration, contact your assigned school for an effective bus assignment date

  • Q: How do I know if I qualify to register early for a bus?

    A:           The parents of eligible riders received an “automated call/text” from Transportation, requesting registration for the school bus for the following year. However, you can check with your child’s school for eligibility.  Also, use this web page for registration purposes: 

  • Q: How do I register for a bus assignment for the next school year prior to school ending?

    A:        Eligible riders will be able to register in May on the web page via cellphone, computer, or tablet. To register early use this web page: 

  • Q: How do I register to ride if I have more than one child?

    A:           Go to to register your children. After registering the first student, log out and register the next.  You must register each child requesting a bus assignment for the upcoming school year.  

  • Q: Do I have to request or deny transportation for the upcoming school year?

    A:           A request for transportation must be submitted prior to June 15th to guarantee your student a bus assignment on the first day of school. 

  • Q: When can I register to ride for the following school year?

    A:        Registration for riders begins in April and concludes June 15th for guaranteed bus assignments on the first day of school. 

  • Q: Do I have to register for the bus again if I move or switch schools?

    A:        Yes, if your home address changes, you must go to the "Register 2 Ride" page and re-register for transportation

  • Q: What are the deadlines to register for transportation for the 2022-23 school year

    A:        All eligible students need to register for transportation by June 15th to guarantee a bus assignment for the first day of school.

  • Q: How can I register for the bus if I do not have a student ID? Or new to the district?

    A:           To ride the school bus, every student must have a student ID. Please contact your school to get a student ID. It could take several days for your student information to populate in the transportation database (approx. 3-4 days).  Then register your student using the Register to Ride webpage: 

  • Q: Does the registration window close after school open?

    A:           No. If, at any time, you need a bus, during the school year, you can go to the Register to Ride webpage: Once the bus stop is assigned, it will be uploaded to Virtual Counselor. Check after five business days with your student’s school for bus assignment or check your child’s Virtual Counselor. 

  • Q: What if I answered NO and I changed my mind about needing school bus transportation?

    A:           If your child is eligible for transportation, notify your child’s school and “Register to Ride” for transportation on this webpage: could take several days for your student information to populate in the transportation database (approx. 3-4 days).  Once available, then register your student using the Register to Ride webpage: 

  • Q: If I only need transportation once a week, do I still register to ride?

    A:        Students mayride the bus in the morning or afternoon. They may also opt to only ride in the morning or afternoon. Students do not have to ride every day to remain on the roster; however, they must ride at least once a week to prevent having their name/stop removed. If the stop/student is removed from the schedule a new registration request will be needed to reactivate the stop.Please note: For a student to ride the bus, they must be registered at school. 

  • Q: How are transported students notified of their bus schedules?

    A:           Mailers will not be distributed. All eligible students must “Register to Ride” using this web page: Students should access Virtual Counselor-bus assignments for the 2022-2023 bus information the second week in August 2022. 

  • Q: I am currently a school bus rider and did not receive notification to ride.

    A:           You were not eligible to ride, or you may be registering a student into an exceptional program (i.e.: ESE, teen parent, sibling ridership, etc.). Please see Transportation FAQ’s or select this webpage: access more FAQ’s regarding transportation eligibility for “Register to Ride” and verify your address with your child’s registering school.  

  • Q: I attempted to register my child for transportation but received a message saying “Thank you for your response, but you are not required to register at this time.

    A:           There are several reasons why you are receiving an error message. 

    • Make sure you are using your student’s ID number/BCPS email address that is utilized for registration. 
    • Make sure your student has registered for the next school term at their school, at least 3-4 days have lapsed since the student’s school registration.


    Please visit to view transportation’s eligibility requirements

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