Head Start Eligibility

  • Head Start
    In order to be eligible for the Head Start Program, the following must apply:

    Children with disabilities, homeless and Foster Care children, who meet all other requirements, are welcome to apply.

    Documents Needed To Apply

    Examples of acceptable income documentation for each family member

    • Pay stubs with year-to-date income for full year (previous year)
    • W-2 Forms (previous year)
    • Income Tax Form 1040 (previous year)
    • Unemployment Compensation Records
    • Public Assistance records (TANF, W.A.G.E.S.) with amounts and dates received
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Award Letter/Benefit Verification Letter Only with full payment history for previous year or last 12 months
    • Social Security Benefits (SSA) Award Letter/Benefit Verification Letter Only (retirement or disability)
    • Notarized Letter of Financial Support Form from individual (not parent/guardian) living in the same home and supporting the family (download)
    • Notarized Letter of Financial Support Form from individual not living in the same home and providing financial support to the family (download)
    • Notarized Employment Verification Form from employer (download)
    • Veterans benefits records
    • Child Support/Alimony records
    • Worker’s Compensation records
    • Military allotment records
    • Training stipends
    • Grants, fellowships, scholarships

    Please be aware of the following: Broward County Head Start/Early Head Start has a limited number of available slots and applying does not guarantee that your child will be enrolled. Enrollment is based on eligibility and the needs of the child/family. To be accepted, your child needs to meet the age and income requirements. Please read these guidelines before starting the online application. For more information, please email us at headstart@browardschools.com or call 754-321-1961.

Contact Information

  • Head Start/Early Intervention

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    Phone: 754-321-1961

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    Angela Iudica, Ph.D.