Early Head Start Eligibility

  • Early Head Start Eligibility

    In order to be eligible for the Early Head Start Program, the following must apply:

    • Early Head Start - Expecting mothers and children birth-2-years-old
    • Family income must meet federal poverty guidelines

    Families that are receiving public assistance, experiencing homelessness, have children with disabilities, and foster care parents are encouraged to apply

    Documents Needed To Apply

    • Proof of age (child’s ORIGINAL birth certificate or foreign passport)
    • Proof of pregnancy from a medical doctor (ONLY for expecting mothers wanting to apply)  
    • Proof of guardianship, if applicable Affidavit of Person Acting as Parent with a notarized letter from the natural parent or court documentation
    • Parent/guardian government issued photo identification
    • Current proof of Broward County residence (domicile). Proof of address is current when it has not expired (e.g., lease, car registration) or falls within the past 90 days of the application date (e.g., utility bill, phone bill, insurance letter, bank statement etc.). If you are sharing housing and do not have proof of residence, please complete the Affidavit of Shared Housing form EnglishSpanish | Haitian/Creole | Portuguese

    Examples of acceptable income documentation for each family member

    • Public Assistance records (TANF cash assistance, SNAP food assistance, Supplemental Security Income [SSI] award letter or printout showing eligibility/amounts and dates received).


    • Social Security Benefits (SSA) Award Letter/Benefit Verification Letter Only (retirement or disability)
    • Income Tax Form 1040 (previous year)
    • W-2 Forms (previous year)
    • Pay stubs with year-to-date income for the full year (previous year or past 12 months)
    • Unemployment Compensation Records
    • Veterans benefits records
    • Child Support/Alimony records
    • Worker’s Compensation records
    • Military allotment records
    • Training stipends
    • Grants, fellowships, scholarships

     Other Documents if Applicable

    • Diagnosis documentation of medical conditions 
    • Documented mental health conditions
    • Documented conditions that impact the child's education
    • Outside speech, language, and behavioral plans
    • Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP)

    Please be aware of the following: Broward County Head Start/Early Head Start has a limited number of available slots and applying does not guarantee that your child will be enrolled. Enrollment is based on eligibility and the needs of the child/family. To be accepted, your child needs to meet the age and income requirements. Please read these guidelines before starting the online application. For more information, please email us at headstart@browardschools.com or call 754-321-1961.


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