2020-2021 Head Start/Early Head Start Application Information

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    2020-2021 Head Start/Early Head Start Application Information 

    *New and waitlisted applicants to Head Start/Early Head Start only 
    Currently enrolled students, please see your Parent Educator. 

     Check Your Status - Coming Soon! Next Steps  FAQs  

    To apply for our Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Head Start/Early Head Start program for the 2020-2021 school year, please do the following:

    Pre-Apply Step 1. Complete the online Pre-Application 

      • If you applied for our program before, STOP DO NOT complete the pre-application. Duplicate accounts will delay processing. You can re-apply or add additional children at your in-person interview. Proceed to step #2.

    Pre-Apply Step 2. Click here to schedule an appointment for your in-person interview

      • All applicants must complete an in-person interview and schedule an appointment. Walk-ins welcomed, appointments will be taken first. One (1) appointment per family.  MUST HAVE ALL DOCUMENTS AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT. 

    Interview Step 3. Please make sure to bring all required documents to your interview: (Incomplete applications will not be accepted)

      • Proof of age (child’s ORIGINAL birth certificate or foreign passport)
      • Proof of guardianship, if applicable
      • Parent/guardian photo identification
      • Proof of Broward County residence (domicile), if you are sharing housing and do not have proof of residence, please complete the Affidavit of Shared Housing form EnglishSpanish | Haitian/Creole | Portuguese
        Examples of acceptable income documentation for each family member:
        • 2019 Income Tax Form 1040 (must be signed)
        • 2019 Pay stubs with year-to-date income (for full year)
        • 2019 W-2 Forms (for full year)
        • Public Assistance records (TANF, W.A.G.E.S.) with amounts and dates received
        • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Award Letter/Benefit Verification Letter Only with full payment history for 2019 or last 12 months (call 1-800-772-1213 or visit your Social Security office)
        • Social Security Benefits (SSA) Award Letter/Benefit Verification Letter Only (retirement or disability) (call 1-800-772-1213 or visit your Social Security office)
        • Notarized Letter of Financial Support Form from individual (not parent/guardian) living in the same home and supporting the family (download)
        • Notarized Letter of Financial Support Form from individual not living in the same home and providing financial support to the family (download)
        • Notarized Employment Verification Form from employer (download)
        • Unemployment Compensation Records
        • Veterans benefits records
        • Child Support/Alimony records (with payment history)
        • Worker’s Compensation records
        • Military allotment records
        • Training stipends
        • Grants, fellowships, scholarships
      • U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines

     Check Your Status - Coming Soon! Next Steps  FAQs  

    *Application status will be available after April 30th

    Your application is not complete nor will your child be considered for enrollment until you have completed the in-person interview. Children with disabilities, homeless and Foster Care children, who meet all other requirements, are encouraged to apply.

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2020-2021 HS/EHS Application Flyer

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  • Important Information about Entering Kindergarten after Head Start/Early Head Start
    Selection for a Head Start/Early Head Start program at a school does not guarantee placement for Kindergarten at the same school. If your child is selected or offered a seat in a Head Start/Early Head Start class that is not your boundary schoolyou must apply for and receive a reassignment in order for your child to attend Kindergarten at the same school. To learn about the reassignment process, please visit the School Choice website.