Behavioral Health Partnership

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  • What is the Behavioral Health Partnership?

    The behavioral health partnership was established in 1987. The purpose of the Behavioral Health Partnership between the school district and community providers is to provide school based personnel with a list of behavioral health providers who have met the standards set by the Behavioral Health Partnership (BHP) Committee.

    These Behavioral Health Partners are able to provide services to students on school campuses when school personnel have referred the student or if the service is additional to supports that are being offered at home. The school personnel determine if additional service on campus is beneficial to the student. This is not an educational mandate, but is a support that is offered by community providers.

    Who pays for the Service?

    As a part of the partnership, providers agree to offer services at no cost to the families. Providers do bill insurance companies and other resources in order to be able to provider the services. Families will sign consents if they want the service. Families can receive the service in the home and or school, but schools do not have to allow the service on campus.

    How can a provider be a part of the partnership?

    The BHP Guidelines for new provider is reviewed every year. New providers can be added at any time during the year. Providers and the approved staff are updated as soon as changes occur at the agency. Current providers and information can be found here.

    Forms Available

    The Initial Consent is available for schools along with the Student Referral Form. Ongoing Release of Information is available in English, Spanish, Creole, Portuguese.