Emotional/Behavioral Disability (E/BD) Services

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  • By definition a student with an emotional/behavioral disability has persistent and consistent emotional or behavioral responses that adversely affect performance in the educational environment that cannot be attributed to age, culture, gender, or ethnicity. Services and programs for students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (E/BD) in Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) are designed to provide the supports students require to access their education. Services and placement are based on each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Services are provided in the general education setting, resource classes, self-contained classes and separate day schools.

    • Services for students with E/BD provide an integrated curriculum of academic, affective, and behavioral interventions.
    • A critical component of effective services for student’s with E/BD is parent involvement and ongoing communication.
    • Students with an E/BD benefit from social, emotional and behavioral support beyond the school day.
    • The majority of students with an E/BD in BCPS attend their boundary school with supports provided in the general education setting.
    • Throughout the district there are seven E/BD special programs designed for elementary level students in need of a self contained classroom and supports beyond the general education setting. These programs are located at the following schools: Coral Springs Elementary, Pompano Beach Elementary, Riverside Elementary, Plantation Park Elementary, Stephen Foster Elementary, Watkins Elementary and Griffin Elementary. Students are placed in these programs based on their IEP and the feeder pattern.
    • There are two separate day schools designed to provide intensive academic, behavioral and therapeutic support. Whispering Pines School is located in the southern portion of Broward County and Cross Creek School is located in the northern portion of the county. Students are placed in these programs based on their IEP and the feeder pattern.

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