All BCPS school-based and district staff with personnel numbers are required to complete the annual Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9 Staff Training by the due date. It is recommended the course be taken individually, but if principals pre-approve group completion, staff may do so.

    Principals/directors will track staff completion in LAB. Instructions for accessing completion records in LAB are in the Mandatory Compliance Report for Principals (Tutorial). BCPS principals will receive an email in September with a link to electronically certify completion of all Policy 5.9 mandates via KickUp by the due date. 


    • Staff course completion: October 18, 2020
    • Principal certification: November 1, 2020


    • Staff course completion: October 1, 2021
    • Principal certification: November 1, 2021

    To successfully complete the staff course:

    Individual Completion Option (most common): Broward County Public School employees with personnel numbers will access the training by registering for the course in Learning Across Broward (LAB) and completing all course requirements in Canvas. 

    Follow the instructions below:

    1. Sign into LAB.
    2. Find the Required Learning channel on your LAB homepage.
    3. Click on the title of the course: Anti-Bullying Mandatory Compliance 21-22
    4. Register for the course. Once LAB registration is completed, you will be automatically enrolled in the course in Canvas. 
    5. After registration is completed, click on the Courses Tab located at the TOP of any LAB page. 
    6. The course is now available in the My Courses channel under the Course Tab. Click on the course title to be automatically redirected to Canvas.
    7. Once logged into Canvas, follow the instructions to successfully complete the course and receive credit in LAB. You must take the course individually and 1) read and view all the content in order, and 2) complete the quiz and receive 100% (all questions correct), including the submission of the course acknowledgment question #6. NOTE: Use a laptop or desktop to take this course, not a phone or tablet. 
    8. A LAB survey is NOT REQUIRED for this course and a certificate is not generated in Canvas, but in LAB on the Transcript page.
    9. Proof of course completion will be available in each participant's LAB transcript 24 hours after successfully completing it. To access your LAB transcript, log into LAB, and click the Transcript tab. Administrators will track your completion within LAB.

    Group Completion Option:  When group completion is pre-approved and preferred by a principal/district supervisor, follow the instructions below to ensure each participant receives credit for successfully completing their annual training requirements. The principal/supervisor will:

    1. Provide a sign-in sheet for participants and ensure all participants enter their full names and Broward personnel numbers (p#). The sign-in sheet must include the following:  date, time, location, participants' full names and Broward p#s.
    2. Access the course and project it to the group.
    3. Upon completion, the administrator will 1) create an EXCEL spreadsheet only containing the name and full 8-digit Broward personnel number of each completer (P00012345), 2) label the sheet using the following naming format “ANTI-BULLYING TRAINING 21/22 - SCHOOL NAME” in the subject line to ensure proper routing, then 3) email it to lab@browardschools.com.
    4. Participants may view the completed training on their LAB transcript within 2 weeks of the submission of the electronic sign-in sheet. 



    All charter school staff or external staff without personnel numbers meet the requirements for Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9 mandatory training by following the below directions. All staff are required to complete the annual Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9 mandatory training by October 18, 2020. This year's Brainshark training module is not longer available.  

    Charter principals must certify all their staff successfully completed the training by the due date. They will retain these records as proof of completion to be provided upon request. Staff must score 70% (7 out of 10) on the quizzes they submit to you. The answer key for the quiz is located in the SC&D Charter HUB, only accessible to charter school principals.

    To successfully complete the staff course, Charter staff must:

    1. Download the Training Quiz and Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9 Charter Staff Training Module 2020-21. Print the Quiz and complete it as you read through the Training Module. Make sure you also read the presenter notes on each of the PDF's slide pages. The notes can be seen by clicking on the top right corner of each slide (it looks like a small yellow or orange box).
    2. You must score 70% (7 out of 10) to pass the quiz and successfully complete the training module.
    3. Retain a copy of the quiz as proof of your successful completion and turn the original into your principal.


    All students in grades K-12 must receive this annual training by October ber 18, 2020.

    The course is structured to be one, 30-45 minute classroom lesson. Principals will create a plan to administer the training to all their students – for example have all 1st period teachers provide it to their classes. Instructors teaching the student training module will click on the appropriate link below to access the training in Canvas. Teachers will then project the lesson to the class, while using the script located in the Files section of the course.

    Principals must certify how and when the lessons were taught. BCPS principals will receive an email in October with a link to electronically certify completion in KickUp by 11/01/20. Charter principals will collect and retain proof of completion to be provided upon request. 

    Click on the links below to access the student training modules:

    Optional Booster Expansion Lesson: It is recommended you choose to enhance your violence prevention efforts by teaching the optional expansion lesson (located in Canvas) 1-2 weeks following the training module. 


    To meet the requirements of SBBC Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9, principals must make the video training module available via multiple methods to all parents with students in grades K-12 by by October 18, 2020Some suggested methods are to post the link on the school's website, play it at a parent association meetings, or send the link home in an email. 

    Principals must certify how and when the training was made available. BCPS principals will receive an email in October with a link to electronically certify completion in KickUp by 11/01/20. Charter principals will collect and retain proof of availability to be provided upon request. 

    To access the parent training module:


    Principals/directors designate administrators to act as the school/department’s bullying Investigative Designee (ID). The ID receives and investigates all bullying complaints. Per Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9, IDs are required to attend the annual administrator face-to-face discipline training and registration is through LAB. If that training is not being held or has passed, the ID must self-enroll and successfully complete the Canvas online course. 

    Each bullying ID must complete the required annual training individually by October 18, 2020Principals must certify their ID staff successfully completed the annual mandatory training:

    • BCPS principals will receive an email in October with a link to electronically certify completion in KickUp by 11/01/20. If the ID registered in LAB and took the face-to-face training, BCPS principals will track staff completion in LAB. Instructions for accessing completion records in LAB are in the Mandatory Compliance Report for Principals (Tutorial). If face-to-face was not available and the ID took the Canvas course, the principal will have been provided a screen shot of the Course Progress screen showing successful completion - 7 out of 10 (or 70%). 
    • Charter principals will track ID completion by collecting the staff's Brainshark Certificates of Completion. They will retain these records as proof of completion to be provided upon request.

    Click on the appropriate ID training link below:

    • BCPS administrative staff with personnel numbers must enroll and successfully complete the training. If face-to-face trainings are available, the ID registers in LAB for the district's annual Administrative Discipline Training, attends it, and completes all follow up requirements. If face-to-face training is not longer available, click on and register for the Canvas course #883700, Investigative Designee Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9 Training Module 2020-21. Once you have successfully completed the course, go to "Course Progress" and print the screen (Ctrl P) and provide it to your supervisor as proof of successful completion. 
    • Charter school administrative staff or staff WITHOUT BCPS personnel numbers take the Brainshark course, Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9 Charter Investigative Designee Training 2020-21. The Brainshark Completion Certificate is to be provided to your supervisor as proof of completion.


    The District’s comprehensive Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9 helps to ensure all of BCPS students feel safe and respected while attending school. Key to this goal is the Policy’s requirement that each and every school have a Prevention Liaison or PL. Each year, principals designate their school's PL.

    The Prevention Liaison is responsible for the dissemination of prevention curriculum related to the strands of prevention such as diversity, violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, instructional strategies, health and wellness, as well as MTSS Academic and Behavioral Supports. The Prevention Liaisons receive yearly face to face trainings administered by this department. Contact our department if you have any questions.


    Support Group Method  The Support Group Method (SGM) of Bullying Intervention does not replace, but complements a school’s anti-bullying policy and code of conduct discipline matrix. The SGM bullying intervention is an easily utilized tool that can be embedded into your school-wide efforts in a sustainable way. Incorporate SGM into school safety teams or have it used by individuals such as school counselors, peer counseling teachers, administrators, or before/after school care workers.

    The success of any intervention method relies on effective training, fidelity of process, school-wide integration, documentation, and evaluation. So if your school is interested in being trained on SGM, watch the SGM Instructional video and contact us for further information.