Anti-Bullying Video Gallery

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    These videos can serve as school-wide public service announcements (PSAs) to increase awareness, as part of a lesson plan, or as tools for days of observance. Videos that are staff or student training modules can be found on that page. More videos can be found on SharePoint, accessible for all BCPS staff.

    bcps list of bullying curriculum

    BCPS Policy 5.9 Training Modules

    Access​ the mandatory Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9 annual trainings for BCPS staff, students and parents on the Training Modules webpage.

    Reality Avenue  

    Reality Avenue’s, “Bullying: Who Holds the REAL Power?”

    Educate and empower youth to reduce bullying. Watch the show with your students after you download the video and use its discussion prompters and lessons. Download the video's script.

    choose peace stop violence
    Reality Avenue’s, "Choosing Peace To Stop Bullying Violence" for Students

    This video is an excellent tool for students on “how to” help combat bullying whether a target, bystander, or aggressor. Download it or watch it via BECON TV’s EduVision Video Portal. Download the video's script.

    Reality Avenue

    Reality Avenue’s, "Cyberlife: What’s REALLY Happening Online?"


    This BCPS video for students grades 6-12, educates and empowers them to take control of their Internet experience and remain safe while online. After downloading the video, watch it with your students, then use the Lesson Plan with discussion prompters. Download the video's script.

    Reality Avenue’s, "Teach Your Kids To Choose Peace and Stop Violence", for Parents

    This video is an excellent tool for parents on “how to” help our children combat bullying whether they are a target, bystander, or aggressor. Download the video now to learn more. Download the the video's script.

    Reality Lane

    Reality Lane

    Grades K-5

    This series of 8 engaging character prevention education television programs are 10-15 minutes long, and relate to each of the District’s character traits: cooperation (September), responsibility (October), citizenship (November), kindness (December), respect (January), honesty (February), self-control (March), and tolerance (April). The shows have class lessons and discussion prompters as well.

    sharepoint SharePoint

    This website hosts only a portion of DPI's resources on the 6 strands of prevention. BCPS employees can access DPI's extensive warehouse of resources in DPI's SharePoint.

    stand strong teleconference

    Stand Strong

    BCPS hosted this Stand Strong Teleconference Event aimed at ending bullying. The event featured celebrated worldwide motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs. If you missed this live simulcast which reached than 1 million middle and high students, you can view and use it with your students through BECON’s EduVision or to get quick taste of the event by watching this PSA. 

    stop bullying now

    Stop Bullying Now! Take a Stand. Lend a Hand.

    This resource toolkit includes videos, an activities guide, and comic book style newsletters with work sheets. It is available via DPI's SharePoint or online. It contains 12 videos for youth ages 9-13 years, and 2 videos for children ages 5-8 years.​

    Support Group Method

    The Support Group Method of Bullying Intervention

    This 7 step non-punitive, group intervention seeks to reduce bullying by increasing empathy and bystander action. We recommend it for secondary students. You can watch this downloadable video or call DPI to learn more. Download and view the video's script.

    your actions your life

    Your Choice, Your Action, Your Life

    Use these PSA videos, made with BCPS students, along with their corresponding lesson plans to raise awareness and spark dialogue around issues related to bullying and diversity. The videos and lessons can be used with students ranging from grades 3 though 12.​