Child Trafficking Prevention Education Toolkit

  • Child Trafficking Prevention Toolkit BCPS works to ensure that every school in Broward is a “Child Trafficking Free Zone.” The BCPS Child Trafficking Prevention Education Implementation Plan insures all BCPS students in grades K-12 receive child trafficking prevention education that meets the requirements of the State Board of Education state statute Rule 6A-1.094123 Child Trafficking Prevention Education (Rulemaking Authority 1001.02(2)(n), 1003.42(2) F.S. Law Implemented 1003.42 F.S.) All FL DOE health education related requirements and the Mental and Emotional Health Education Memo can be found on the FL DOE website.

    Annually every BCPS student in grades K-12 will be taught a lesson from the Child Trafficking Prevention Education Toolkit. The lessons focus on child trafficking prevention through awareness and advance each year through developmentally appropriate instruction and skill building. DOWNLOAD the toolkit, then open it for the links to work. Questions on how to teach or find it? View this Brainshark now.