Human Trafficking Curriculum

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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​These human trafficking prevention resources and curriculum will help your students become modern day abolitionists as they raise awareness about human trafficking. For a more extensive list of resources, BCPS employees can go to our SharePoint, our resource warehouse. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click on the icons below to access the resource. For the most updated curriculum, go to its website. Inclusion does not imply endorsement. 

    anti-defamation league

    Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

    Grades K-12

    ​ADL's anti-bias education helps to create and sustain an inclusive and violence free school. ADL has lessons on all violence prevention related topics, many with videos.

    blue campaign

    Blue Campaign

    Grades 6-Adults

    Comprehensive list of resources such as posters, videos, toolkits, and pamphlets available for public distribution.

     Child Trafficking Prevention Toolkit

    BCPS Child Trafficking Prevention Education Toolkit

    Grades K-12

    To meet the requirements of the State Board of Education state statute Rule 6A-1.094123 Child Trafficking Prevention Education (Rulemaking Authority 1001.02(2)(n), 1003.42(2) F.S. Law Implemented 1003.42 F.S.), every BCPS student in grades K-12 will receive a child trafficking prevention and awareness lesson annually. The lessons advance each year through developmentally appropriate instruction and skill building.

    broward human trafficking PSA

    Broward's Human Trafficking Video, Abolish Campaign, Broward County Junior League

    Grade 6-Adults

    Want to know the rates of human trafficking in Broward County?  Read, watch and listen to these - BrochureFlyerInfomercial #1Infomercial #2PSA video.

    character education

    Character Education

    Grades K-12

    Each Monthly Character Education Newsletter and Family Newsletter contains lessons, videos and activities on BCPS's 8 character traits. These traits promote positive behavior and create a safer and more respectful learning environment for our students.

     Child Safety Matters

    Child Safety Matters, Monique Burr Foundation

    Grades K-8

    The program is provided at no cost to FL public school teachers, learn more. Lessons educate and empower students with information and strategies to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to bullying, cyberbullying, all types of child abuse, digital abuse, and other dangers.

    facing history facing ourselves

    Facing History and Ourselves

    Grades K-12

    Find compelling classroom resources, learn new teaching methods, meet standards, and make a difference in the lives of your students with multimedia materials, lessons, and more.

    free resource list

    ​​FREE Prevention Resource List

    Grades K-12

    This list of free materials, multimedia and curriculum is divided into the 6 strands of prevention.​

    health teacher

    Health Teacher

    Grades K-12

    Curriculum addresses knowledge, attitude, and skill development. Provides opportunities to practice behaviors promoting lifelong health and violence prevention. Login using group code ‘browardfl’.

    institute for humane education

    Institute for Humane Education

    Grades K-12

    Creates a just, humane, and sustainable world through teaching about the interconnected and pressing issues that impact all life and provides individuals of all ages with the tools to be ‘solutionaries’ for a better world. Access their resources now.

     Lauren's Kids

    Lauren's Kids

    Grades K-12

    Free kits with lessons to ensure that every child has the tools necessary to be the first line of defense against his or her own abuse through our “Safer, Smarter Kids” or “Teens” abuse prevention curricula. Access their resources now.

    Leaps curriculum


    Grades K-12

    An online instrument providing comprehensive lesson plans and interactive multi-modal assessment tools. Leaps is a research-based, practical program that improves behavior and grades whether the interventions are needed at Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III.​

    nest human trafficking curriculum

    NEST, National Educators to Stop Trafficking
    Students 6-12
    Equips teachers and youth leaders with age-appropriate curriculum and resources to educate and empower youth – teaching them how to avoid being trafficked, how to stand up for victims of trafficking, and how to spread the word in their communities.

    National Human Trafficking Resources and Hotline

    National Human Trafficking Resource Center/Hotline

    Grades 6-12, Staff, Parents, Community

    The latest hotlines, resources and information on human trafficking.

    Planting the Seeds of Prevention

    Planting Seeds of Prevention Curriculum Book

    Grades K-12

    Contains prevention curriculum on violence prevention, instructional strategies, health and wellness, and substance abuse prevention.

    Office on Trafficking in Persons

    Office on Trafficking in Persons

    Students 6-12, Staff, Community

    Comprehensive resources such as Look Beneath the Surface posters, videos, campaign materials, data, fact sheets, newsletters, policy and guidance, reports, training materials, and pamphlets available for public distribution.

    safe dates

    Safe Dates

    Grades 8-10

    This research based proven program consists of 10 lessons, a play and a poster contest. It teaching healthy relationship skills to prevent dating violence. Learn more and contact DPI for the lessons if you want them in your class.

    sanford harmony

    Sanford Harmony

    Grades PreK-6

    Social and emotional (SEL) teaching program uses teaching strategies with activities to reduce bullying by developing student skills to communicate, cooperate, connect, embrace diversity, and resolve conflict. 


    STARFISH (Sex Trafficking Awareness For Individual Strength and Hope) School Prevention Project

    Grades 6-12

    An educational tool to raise awareness and provide education about the social injustice of sex trafficking in the US. This free resource provides a safe and age-appropriate way to educate middle school and high school students on the issue of sex trafficking. Access their resources now.



    This website hosts only a portion of DPI's resources on the 6 strands of prevention. BCPS employees can access DPI's extensive warehouse of resources in SharePoint.

    student engagement toolkit

    Student Engagement Toolkit, National Human Trafficking Resource Center

    Grades 6-College

    Provides students with resources to identify and raise awareness of human trafficking in their community.


    teaching tolerance

    Teaching Tolerance

    Grades K-12

    Access downloadable curricula, classroom activities, e-newsletter, and order free DVD/Film kits.

    we are broward

    We Are Broward, Immigrant Support Plan

    Grades K-12

    BCPS is proud to recognize and respect varying cultures. Utilize this toolkit to help students appreciate them as well. It contains numerous resources including 3 lesson plans for each grade level, Student Services Guide, Community Resources Brochures in multiple language, and much more.

    youth for human rights

    Youth for Human Rights

    Grades K-12

    The YHR Education Package can be used as a full course or as a supplemental resource within another curriculum.  Includes a documentary film, 30 PSAs, a music video and booklets. The aim is to engage students in human rights topics and provide opportunities to put human rights principles into action and use.